Why Club Skills?

Why would we have club skills? It is our goal to help each player gain the necessary skills that allow the player to make decisions on the ball. In order for a player to be able to lift their head when they have the ball or even better, be confident enough to look around before they get the ball, each player needs to be able to control the ball, dribble the ball, and pass the ball consistently the correct way. Once the player can do this, they need to be able to do this under pressure at speed.

Our club skills program focuses on coordination with and without the ball, while creating an atmosphere where each player has 100s of touches on the ball to help develop confidence, comfort and desire to have the ball. A skillful player and confident player will have more fun playing the game.

Speed & Agility
• Quick foot work through cones/ladders (focus on technique first slowly then speed it up, building muscle memory through these movement)
• Change of direction movements (forwards to backwards, forwards to sideways, etc.)
• Balance and plyo movements (concentrating on one leg jumps, two leg jumps forwards, backwards & sideways, etc)
• Agility movements - varying starting positions on start (on ground, pushup position, one knee, on back, turning)
• Maximize players time working - set up multiple lines - no more than 5-7 players per line

Skills Topic
• These will vary throughout the season
• Control ball from the air- transition to dribble: (foot, thigh, chest—same attack ball)
• Challenge our players to get better
• Focus on all players touching a ball at the maximum amount

• The most beneficial time for our players to build confidence and have fun
• Limited coaching, but encourage to compete and want to win
• Encourage to move off the ball to support, attack 1v1, and defend quickly after losing the ball
• Challenge the players to experiment with moves and be creative with the ball