ASA Juggling Academy

Why Juggle?

The comment you usually hear from coaches, players, and parents when they see someone who can juggle well is, “Yeah, but can he/she play?” The ability to juggle is not a direct reflection on the quality of the player but in our opinion shows very important soccer abilities such as touch, balance, agility, coordination, control, focus, and commitment. These qualities if improved upon will lead to a more confident, successful player who will enjoy the game of soccer even more!

To become a better juggler you must practice! We tell our players that juggling is not a talent you are born with, it’s a skill that anyone can develop. Juggling is one of the easiest skills to practice at home. It only requires the player, a ball, and a bit of space. As long as the basic techniques of juggling are understood, the more you juggle, the better you will get!

What is the Juggling Academy?
The Juggling Academy is a program that allows ASA players the opportunity to express themselves and grow more confident with the ball. This program allows players to work on their own with easy to follow, goal-oriented challenges provided by the club, that increasingly get harder as the player’s skill level improves.  All ASA players are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Juggling Academy.

The Juggling Academy Program consists of 7 achievement levels beginning with level 1 and ending with level 7. Each level consists of various juggling challenges that a player must complete before achieving the level. Players are provided the curriculum from the club and level sheets will be used to record progress. Club coaches or parents will initial these sheets when challenges are met. Once all challenges are met and the level is complete, players will turn in completed sheets to their team coach or director for final review and approval.  

Once final approval is granted, players will be added as a Member into the ASA Juggling Academy, have their name listed on the website & social media, and receive their very own ASA Juggling Academy Bag Tag which they can display proudly on their soccer bags for all teammates, family, and coaches to see. Each tag will have the 7 levels displayed on it, and each level achieved will be punched out showing it completed. As players achieve higher levels, other rewards and fun prizes will also be available.

How do I complete a level?
Players should practice, practice, practice challenges on their own. Once they feel ready and confident, they should ask to perform the challenge for their parent or coach. Players can ask any ASA coach to test them if time is available. Test time should be no more than 5-10 minutes to complete a challenge. If the challenge can not be completed in the allowed time, then we would encourage that player to go practice some more and let them know they can try at a later time. Having a set amount of time is important for the kids to learn how to perform under pressure. Understand, there will be players who run up excited and say THEY GOT IT, just 5 minutes ago in the backyard, but may struggle to do it again in front of you or the coach. We definitely don’t want to take that excitement away from them but help them understand they must perform in front of you or the coach for it to count, and to keep encouraging them to practice with a (you can do it again!) attitude.

We believe in the honor system and will trust that all completed levels will be recorded fairly and accurately, with the main purpose of improving the player’s juggling abilities and to achieve a higher level of skill.

How do I complete a challenge?
2 touch - right foot left foot (5) reps
In this challenge, the player would have to touch the ball with the right foot, then left foot, and catch without the ball hitting the ground. That would count as 1 rep. The player would have to be able to complete (5) reps in a row, without any mistakes. If the player makes a mistake at any time before finishing the (5) reps in a row, all reps counted are lost, and they must start over from the beginning. Players must complete the required number of reps consecutively without any mistakes to earn credit for the challenge.

How do I start?
All curriculum & level sheets are provided by ASA. Contact your coach or director to receive a packet. Use these sheets to record your progress. Players must have their sheets when testing in front of a coach. Players who do not have their sheets with them can not be tested. Start practicing today and see if you can be the first to reach every level!  Good Luck!

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