ASA Performance Training Sessions (PTS)

In addition to the team training that every ASA player receives from a professional coach, all of our players have access to a ton of specialized training called, Performance Training Sessions or (PTS) for short. These sessions focus on special topics and offer our players the opportunity to receive extra training, throughout the season, in areas critical for their development. All of our Performance Training Sessions are run by ASA professional staff members and are offered weekly during the season.

Back of the Net

Back of the Net Shooting (PTS) gives players the opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful in scoring lots of goals. Shooting frequently is done under pressure from opponents, sometimes facing the wrong way and at awkward angles and positions. Players will learn the different techniques of how to strike a ball, proper setup, positioning, timing, and decision making of when to shoot under pressure. ALL players no matter what position are highly encouraged to attend, as well as all club goalkeepers.


Save the Day

Save the Day Goalkeeping (PTS) gives goalkeeper’s the opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful in front of the goal. During these sessions, players will learn tactical and technical skills focused on the following areas: catching the ball (on the ground, medium height, high, from a rebound, etc.), footwork, eye-hand/foot coordination, reflex and reaction, initial positioning, regaining position, stamina, speed, distribution, one-on-ones, diving, communicating, mental toughness, and dealing with pressure. ALL team GK’s are encouraged to attend these sessions.


First Step

First Step Speed & Agility (PTS) gives players opportunities to work with coaches on improving acceleration and deceleration, increasing maximal velocity,  increasing the ability to change direction effectively, improving coordination and dynamic balance, and building explosiveness with and without the ball. Players who want to improve their footwork speed on and off the ball are encouraged to attend.


Master Juggler

Master Juggler (PTS) gives players opportunities to work with coaches on technique and juggling skills through various challenges, as well as testing to receive their Academy bag tags and level up through our Juggling Academy program. The ability to juggle is not a direct reflection on the quality of the player but shows very important soccer abilities such as touch, balance, agility, coordination, control, focus, and commitment. These qualities if improved upon will lead to a more confident, successful player who will enjoy the game of soccer even more! Players who want to improve their juggling are encouraged to attend.


Free Play

Free Play (PTS) gives players the opportunity to develop and express themselves creatively through small-sided games in a positive, self-learning, competitive environment, replicating that of backyard and street soccer pickup games found around the world. Players will have the freedom to compete against one another with no restrictions, no coaching, and no sideline distractions while further developing their technical and tactical skills and love for the game. ALL players are encouraged to attend.