Kickit 3v3 Returns October 30th!

Come join us for a great day of soccer and fun on Saturday, October 30th! All games will be played at the BRAND NEW Lakeland Preparatory School Athletic Annex soccer fields located at 5020 Lions Crest Dr., Lakeland, TN 38002. Registration is open to all teams ages 5-Adult. $200 per team (Minimum 3 players, Maximum 6 players)

Pool Play and Playoffs in Most Divisions, Round Robin in some divisions. Two 12 minute halves games. Most teams play 4-7 games. No goalies. Games will begin at approximately 9:00 a.m. and conclude around 6:00 p.m.

Team Check-In: Teams will check-in on-site 30 minutes before their first game. Only one representative of the team needs to attend check-in. Free Parking


​Team Level/Classification Guidelines:

  • Register your team in the birth year of the oldest player on the team, no exceptions.

  • Girls may play on Boys' teams. Boys may NOT play on Girls' teams.

  • Girls Teams may enter Boys divisions. Boys teams may NOT enter Girls' divisions.

  • Teams with players 19 and older should register as Adults.

Each Team Receives:

  • FC Schalke 04 Jersey for each registered player

  • Awards for each player on the top 3 teams in each division

  • Chance to win great prizes at on-site contest

  • Opportunity to sample fantastic sponsor items

Schedule & Coaching Special Requests:
Most events can accommodate reasonable schedule requests such as a league game or travel time (For example: If a team has a 9:00 a.m. club match and cannot play until noon, their schedule may be 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). We try to accommodate coaching requests for two teams per coach, but we cannot guarantee this, especially in playoff rounds. Please bring coaching help if you have more than one team. Coaching conflicts that cannot be resolved are not a valid reason for withdrawal from the event and there will be no refunds for this reason. Conflicts requested AFTER schedules have been created will NOT be honored.

Why play in the KickIt 3v3 Tournament?
Coaches and players agree – 3v3 soccer is the best way to develop players. Using a small field and maximizing player touches, 3v3 teaches players the game of soccer within the game of soccer. Players leave each 3v3 session with a passion to learn more and play more. The tournament will give every player more touches on the ball, teach them spacing and supporting shape, create opportunities to win 1v1 battles, learn to support & balance teammates, build confidence in attacking & defending, increase ball possession & control of the ball in tight spaces, and enhance all players’ speed of play, field vision, & field awareness.


Kickit 3v3 Returns October 30th!

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Kickit 3v3 Banner