2022-23 Academy Costs








Club Fees
These fees include but are not limited to all professional coaching salaries, all specialized club training programs, which could include in-season, pre-season, and winter/summer, facilities, and all administrative costs associated with the program.

Team Fees
The fees shown above do not include costs associated with individual team activities such as referee fees for league and tournament play, tournament entry fees, or travel expenses associated with individual team activities each season, city field usage fees, light rental fees, TN State player registration fees, and team administrative fees. This additional cost varies widely from team to team based upon the team’s age group, the number of players on each team, how many tournaments are played by each team, and the cost and location of each tournament. Average team fees can range from $100-$400 per season depending on these factors. 

MSSF League Fees
MSSF/Mike Rose Soccer Complex League Fees - In addition to the fees listed above, team managers will collect fees (set by the league approx $110) from each player per season to cover the cost of administration, scheduling, and field rental for those teams that opt to play in the MSSF league at Mike Rose Soccer Complex (not all teams play in this league). These fees go straight to Mike Rose Soccer Complex and not the Academy. Those fees will be due two (2) weeks before the first league game of each season.

Uniform Fees
All Junior Academy players are outfitted in (2) training jersey style shirts, (1) Adidas shorts, and (1) Adidas socks. (approx $65.00) All 8U and older Academy players are outfitted with a full Adidas® uniform kit designed for the Academy that includes lettering and numbering for uniforms, 2 Adidas® game jerseys (home/away); two pairs of Adidas® shorts (home & away); two pairs of Adidas® socks (home & away); and 2 training jerseys. (approx $200.00) 

Other training jerseys, backpacks, warm-ups, gk jerseys, balls, shin guards, and spirit wear are available optionally online. All players are able to order additional items or replace items online through our club membership with Soccer.com. All items are ordered online and shipped directly to you.