2022-23 Tryout Information

Are you ready to join one of the best soccer programs in town? Want to play for a club that provides professionally licensed coaches and follows the US Soccer Standards and curriculum for complete player development? Want to join a club that offers pre-season camps, winter skills training, and a multitude of specialized training sessions to all of its players at no extra cost? Want to join a club that promotes a positive & learning environment where coaches, players, and parents feel like family? Then look no further! Come join us at tryouts and see why the Academy should be the next choice for your child's soccer development.


Tryout Age Groups, Dates, & Times

Girls: Birth Years 2015-2011
Tuesday, May 17th @ 5:30 pm & Thursday, May 19th @ 5:30 pm
Rainout Date: Saturday, May 21st @ 10:00 am 

Boys: Birth Years 2015-2011 
Tuesday, May 17th @ 7:00 pm & Thursday, May 19th @ 7:00 pm
Rainout Date: Saturday, May 21st @ 11:30 am

Girls: Birth Years 2010-2004
Tuesday, May 31st @ 5:30 pm & Thursday, June 2nd @ 5:30 pm
Rainout Date: Saturday, June 4th @ 10:00 am

Boys: Birth Years 2010-2004
Tuesday, May 31st @ 7:00 pm & Thursday, June 2nd @ 7:00 pm
Rainout Date: Saturday, June 4th @ 11:30 am

Tryout Location
All tryouts will be held at Forrest Street Soccer Park. Accommodations include paved walking trails, playgrounds, lakes, concessions, bathrooms, 11v11, 9v9, 7v7, and 4v4 fields, a pavilion, amphitheater, farmers market, and much more. Forrest St. Park is located @ 12148 Forrest Street, Arlington, TN 38002.

Tryout Details
Tryouts are FREE and we encourage everyone who is interested in the program to attend. Registration for tryouts is done online from the link above. Please make sure all information is accurate, as we will use this information for communication purposes throughout the process.

We ask that everyone arrive 15-20 minutes before your tryout time. Once you arrived, please check your child in at the Pavilion to receive the next steps. 

All players should bring a ball, plenty of water, wear a white or light-colored shirt, soccer cleats, and shin guards for all sessions. Parents are NOT ALLOWED on the fields during tryout sessions. The tryout process can be very stressful for a child and parent, and we have found it to be a less stressful experience for the child when mom and dad are out of view. We do though, invite all parents to watch at a distance to see the quality of our staff and program. We encourage everyone to attend both tryout dates for their age group. It is simple. The more time we have to evaluate your child, the better the evaluation will be.

If you are unable to attend a tryout or tryouts, please contact us @ sean@arlingtonsocceracademy.com or call 901-603-1119.

Tryout Synopsis

  • Tryouts are open to everyone. We are a US Soccer Sanctioned Organization and a current member of Tennessee Soccer.
  • Players are evaluated on their skill, athleticism, attitude, and ability.
  • The number of teams formed in any age group depends on the number of qualified players in attendance for that age group.
  • At least one Academy staff coach and administrator will attend tryout sessions and be available to answer any questions you may have.
  • No guarantees are given or implied that a player will be selected for any team from year to year. No guarantees are given or implied that a player will play for a specific coach from year to year. If a schedule conflict with tryouts exists, the parents can arrange for other opportunities to try out.
  • Coaches will notify all players who attended tryouts of their status no later than 48 hours after the conclusion of the final tryout session. Players will be notified as early as possible, however, additional time may be necessary for some teams, to ensure that the best possible roster decisions are made.
  • Players should make every effort to attend all tryout sessions and should communicate any scheduling conflicts with the coach or administrator that is conducting those specific age group tryouts.
  • Final player selections are made without regard to race, color, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, political beliefs, or financial status. The Academy Coaching Staff has complete and autonomous authority over player evaluation and selection. The Academy Administrators and Team Managers assist only in an administrative capacity.

The organization is committed to forming as many age-specific teams as qualified player numbers allow, in an effort to provide all players an opportunity to play competitive soccer. In the event, that there are not enough qualified players to form a complete age-specific team, the coaches and Executive Director will pursue options including double-rostering of players or age combinations in an effort to provide those players an opportunity to participate in the competitive program.

Team rosters are formed based on the coach’s assessment of the individual player’s current level. Young players progress at different rates; therefore, as the level of development changes, the coach may reorganize players and teams so that players can progress at a more accelerated rate.


Tryout Tips for Players & Parents

Tryout Tips for Players & Parents
Tryouts can be a very stressful time for young athletes and parents. Preparing your child and yourself for this process can help take some of that stress away. I have listed below some tips on what the coaches will be looking for and not looking for during tryouts to help better prepare your child. Your child’s technical ability will not be any better during tryouts than it is right now, but the tips below can help them have more success in areas that are important.

Players should go into tryouts with a positive attitude ready to work hard and have fun. The pressure to perform should not be put on the child by the parents as it will only hinder their ability to show what they can really do. Parents behavior pre-tryouts and during tryouts can also affect the child and how he or she will perform. If you act nervous, they will be nervous. If you overload them with information on the drive to tryouts, they will be distracted. If you pace and constantly watch them during tryouts, they will notice. All of these things could have a negative impact on their performance and make it a very unenjoyable time for them. My advice is to review the tips below ahead of time with your child, so they know what the expectations are, then encourage them to work hard and most importantly have fun.

Positive Behaviors

  • Players who focus and listen to the coaches
  • Players who have a positive attitude
  • Players who are respectful and encouraging
  • Players who are always moving/running without being told
  • Players who always compete without being told
  • Players who will physically challenge for the ball
  • Players who want the ball
  • Players who are confident & creative with the ball
  • Players who always work hard to win the ball back

Negative Behaviors

  • Players who do not listen to the coaches
  • Players who have a negative attitude
  • Players who are not respectful and encouraging
  • Players who are always standing around
  • Players who do not compete
  • Players who do not physically challenge for the ball
  • Players who do not want the ball
  • Players who avoid the ball
  • Players who do not work hard to win the ball back