Club Fundraising

Kroger Community Rewards Program®
Your participation in the Kroger Community Rewards Program will help provide financial support for player & manager scholarships, facility & equipment improvements, professional development, and much more. Once registered, simply use your Kroger Plus Card, and Kroger will donate a percentage of purchases back to ASA. How to Guide for Joining

ASA "TEAM" Fundraising Programs
Each team within ASA may select fundraising items or participate in fundraising activities throughout the year. These items or activities must be approved by the ASA Board and Executive Director. Any item with an ASA logo or Arlington Soccer Academy written on it, must be approved by the ASA Board and Executive Director before selling. Each team may have one ASA item, and that item can not be sold by another team within ASA for the year. It is recommended that all soccer specific merchandise be purchased from The soccer brand is restricted to ADIDAS and teams may not put the ASA logo or wording on any other visible brand. Funds may only be used for team purposes and all remaining funds at the end of a season remain with the club to be used for the next season.10% of all team fundraising funds are donated to ASA for club needs.